Video Editing

We started editing back in the days of deck to deck editing. When you needed to be close to an electrical engineer to make an edit suite work, and the conversation in the suite was as much about three letter acronyms as it was about plot points and narriate arc. 

These days it's much easier. We have almost limitless options in the edit suite. We CAN do just about anything, but what carries over from back in the day is the importance of storytelling. Back in the dark days when the technology had as much influence on your video as did intent, we learned to how important it is to keep the human connection; to focus on the story. We try to carry that forward on every project we edit. We can add the flashy effects, but always with the story being the motivating factor.





  • Video Editng

Of course we do still have technology: 

    • 2 High definition Final Cut Pro Edit suites
    • 1 High definition Adobe Creative Cloud suite
    • Pro-tool Digital Audio Work Station
    • Multiple Professional format decks (and the ability to get essentially ANY format your project requires)
    • Duplication and web hosting options to distribute your work once completed.

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