Stress free event technology services and expertise for your important event. We integrate technology with human intuition to make your experience as smooth and effective as possible.

  • PA Systems
    • Microphones, speakers and mixer packages
  • Projectors
    • Showcase important videos, pictures, or presentation materials
    • Effective for audiences of all sizes
  • Projection screens
    • Enhances/highlights key images and elements
    • Provides a smooth even surface for presentations
  • LCD and Plasma Displays
    • Conveys visual info to captive or passing audiences
    • Great for limited space projection
    • Feeds from laptops or DVD’s and can loop for continuous communication
  • Lighting
    • Enhances the mood and experience of the guest(s)
    • Emphasizes specific elements; brand, logo, photos, videos, music.
    • Cost effective and visually impacting
    • Uplights
    • Spotlights
    • Podium lights
    • LED Lights – a Client favorite
    • Effective for day/night events
    • Color combinations available
  • Cameras
    • Video recording of presenter(s)
  • Post meeting services – for videoed meeting and conferences
    • Copied to media of your choice
    • Post meeting editing


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