Service Automatically.

Testing the screen and the microphones just befoe the live events.We've been pretty quiet about it so far, but we've been developing a webcasting solution for a leading automation company in the the New England area. (automation companies make the things that make things)

They came to us with an interesting set of goals:Two technicians and Productive Media President Geoff Briggs set up the tech table. Our encoding station can be seen in the office behind them.

  • They wanted to run three live presentations to their employees at their world headquarters
  • They wanted those presentations to be simultaniously available in their offices in Germany, California, and Washington, and they wanted managers in their Asia offices to be able to view the presentations at home.
  • They also wanted the question and answer portions of all three sessions as well as the entirety of the most informative session to be availible for on-demand consumption within 24 hours.
  • All that and the content had to remain unavailible to anyone who they didn't authorize.
  • And of course nobody want to break the bank on these shows.

We've removed the branding from this client's player. We aren't sure if we'd have to kill anyone for revealing their identity, but why take the risk?

The two screen live program with audio re-enforcement is a pretty simple and cost effective show for us provide.  We added an image maginification camera for the in-room audience, a custom encoding / streaming solution, and we partnered with our favorite live streaming content delivery network to provide the live version of the program to the web, which allowed each site to show the video, the powerpoint, or both together.

We also created a custom player solution and partnered with a different and very robust content delivery network that focuses on the on-demand space to offer the same presentation as a hosted program, with the ability to skip around within the presentation.

More importantly we made it modular, so this company can decide to expand upon their offerings, or we can quickly rebrand the solution for anyone else who might need this service.

Now where did I put my Beret?

Photography by:
Seth G. Newell Photography
We got the chance to help get the Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival back on it's feet this year. We worked with Red River Theatres in Concord, NH to provide 3 video projectors, 4 wireless microphones, sound support, a media server,  and much of the logistical support needed to make the festival happen.

Photography by:
Seth G. Newell Photography
This years festival included 35 sessions in 3 theaters, over 60 films, a DSLR film maker meetup, live music, panel discussions, film maker Q&A sessions and a local food and beer tasting.

A big part of this festival was flexibility and responsiveness, and Productive Media facilitated that by designing a media server and playback system that allowed the festival to respond to the viewers by scheduling "best of" and "encore" blocks on the fly.

Our all digital delevery and playback system also allowed us to accept High Defination materials from more film makers than ever before, show advertisments and trailers for other viewing options, and individually identify each film and director prior to it's showing.