Asperger's Association of New England's first live webcast.

AANE is a leader both regionally and nationally in fostering awareness, respect, acceptance, and support for individuals on the Aspergers and Autism spectrum, and on a recent weekend a part of that fostering of  involved a live web presentation given by Professor Liane Holliday Willey.  Productive Media was glad to be able to enable the AANE's first ever live web event. We brought our custom encoding rig, a wireless microphone setup and an HD camera to their offices, and with a minimum of disruption we were able to capture and share Mrs. Willey' story for the paying attendees who could not arrive in person.  We also were able to archive the recording so that the AANE can post it to their website in the future.

We're always happy when we can help another good organization get started in the live internet event space.