Decade One for Olin College!

This year Olin College celebrated its first ten years of educating some of the best math/science/engineering minds in the world. Multiple displays of amazing research, work, and fun and games were available to demonstrate how much Olin students have to offer, and how they've already changed the world in just ten short years. 

Productive Media received the call to get footage of the event and all of the trimmings. There were multiple fascinating displays, demonstrations and most notably, enthusiasm for the the entirety of all of the science/math/engineering disciplines represented at Olin.   The celebration concluded just a few hours before Hurricane Sandy made life on the East Coast a little, um, inhospitable.

Commencement Spectaculars!

Where to even begin this news item?  This May we provided technicians, screens, projectors, flat panels, cameras, PA systems, webcasts and more for Brown University, Olin College, Boston University, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, UMass Lowell, and at least one or two more institutions of higher learning that got included in the enormous equipment and manpower maelstrom that is the month of May in Boston.

At BU, Brown and UMass Lowell, we assisted our long time compatriots at Capron with people, cameras, PA systems and wireless mics, 60" flat panels, switchers, and projection.

At Harvard we provided technicians, camera, projection and screens for ATS, with whom we have worked since 2006.  For Olin we provided sound, cameras and a webcast. In addition, the Communications Department at Olin then took our camera footage and edited it for their graduating seniors.

Oh yes, and a client conference webcast for a renewable resources investment group, a quarterly meeting for an automation company, a half dozen small projector rentals for meetings and graduation parties, shoots and edits for Liberty Mutual Insurance and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, events at Legal Harborside and Raytheon. . .Whew!

2012 Harvard Signet Society Dinner


The Harvard Signet Society has been promoting the intellectual, literally and artistic life at Harvard for quite a while (since 1870). We've been supporting their dinner for a somewhat shorter period (not yet a decade) but every year we enjoy the poetry, music, and speakers that make up a Signet dinner.

We are less tempted by the two champagne bowls from which 170 very smart people drink.

This year we provided a small pa system, wireless microphones, a piano and a camera to record the event for posterity, and the staff to run it all. (The staff didn't play the piano, though, that would have been very bad.)

We're Shooting CEOs!!!

Okay, actually the CEOs in the CEO Club Of Boston are  really nice folks. Led by Chairman Fred Greene, the Club allows CEOs to share their insights with one another in a safe and nurturing enviroment. Member Jeff Starfield, CEO of CDWorks contracted us to videotape the 10th Anniversary meeting. Our CEO Geoff Briggs videotaped the event, liked what he saw, and soon joined the Club. Productive Media now provides all of the audio and video recording services, and also provides Audio/Visual support in the form of projectors, wireless mics, knowledge, and whatever else is necessary. The CEO Club of Boston is a terrific, well-run forum for CEOs to share truly inspiring thoughts and opinions, all while learning something new.

Boston: A Great Place to Study!

Our friends at FLS Boston Commons routinely ask us to provide their exchange students with a little video reminder of their experience in Boston. Often this is a dance performance, but we're always open to help with anything else.

When FLS VP Michael LaRiccia asked us to produce a quick and informative video that showed parents of prospective students how effective and enjoyable it is to study at FLS, we jumped right in.

After a short meeting with Michael to tour the facilities and to find out what was special about FLS Boston Commons, Editor Tara Neves and Producer Geoff Briggs put together a timeline a script for a two-and-a-half to three minute long video, ran it past Michael, got a few minor changes, and then produced everything with a one-day shoot and two-day edit.

The result covers all of the points that Michael wanted to hit, without bogging down or going into information overload. Michael was very pleased and so were we!

College Fest 2011

Tara modeling our "Helmet" Camera.This weekend Boston Event Works, and Mr Youth, brought us in to help with some of the tech at the 2011  College Fest. Over the years, College Fest has grown into a pretty big event with a lot of moving pieces. This year we provided Chrome Books, MiFi's, DJ Gear, Wireless Microphones, Radios, Flat Panel Displays, Cameras, Post Production Services, File Hosting and Staffing . . . Not to mention a fair bit of know how and more than just a smidge of improvising.

Case in point, Mid-afternoon on Friday it was decided that we needed "Helmet Cameras." Getting the cameras from one of our partners was no problem, but the head gear is not generally included ...

Yes, Those are fender washers and commodity hardware.Not wanting to let a client down, we uttered the phrase that so often escapes our lips: "I'll figure something out."  A few ideas were thrown around--Gaffe Tape / Visor / Drill Press / Hard Hat--but in the end we solved the problem with a $6 trip to Home Depot, a couple of promotional hats we had in the closet, and Seth's Gerber multi-plier.

College fest seemed to get a pretty good response this year, and we think that its high-energy, give-it-a-go attitude is a big part of that. We love the "Can We Do _____?" questions that come up in those environments, and we're looking forward to improvising something new next year.

Well Planned Support for "The Improvised Concerto"

Image courtsey of Michael LutchThis Sunday, Productive Media teamed up with Susie Dangel and Pix Mix Video Services to record "The Improvised Concerto" as performed by the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras and featuring composer Mark O'Connor on violin. It is Mr. O'Connor's ninth concerto.

Since 1958 the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras have been committed to musical excellence among Americas youth. They strive to offer professional coaching, rehearsal space and instruments and have consistantly produced some of the best young musicians in the nation.

Productive Media is no less committed to providing an excellent program, so we brought back the professional crew that produced "An Evening with the Pops". We know that we can rely on our staff and our vendor-partners to produce the best quality product each and every time, and we're proud to say that it doesn't go unnoticed around Boston's Symphony Hall, where excellence has always been the expectation. We had four cameras and all of the trimmings set up in a short time, and were able to record both the dress rehearsal and performance.  The performance and rehearsal were amazing! 

It's a Wrap!

The Someday Melissa Post-Production TeamWe've finished up post-production on the Someday Melissa project.  We partnered with Tripp Street Soundworks for the audio sweetening, and National Boston Studios for the color correction.  We're sending them on their way with a master tape, a stack of DVDs, the full project archived on a hardrive, and our warmest wishes. We hear that the New Jersey premier was great!

FutureStage at Symphony Hall

Every year Fidelity Investments offers musicians in the Boston area local schools the chance to win the opportunity to perform at Boston's Symphony Hall.

The students receive a gift card, rehearse with famous musicians, Broadway stars and directors, and culimate their experience with a fully produced concert event from the stage normally reserved for the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

FutureStage tapped Productive Media to help record their special event with a full multicamera /  multimedia production.

We quickly pulled the tech team together to provide a multicamera production with projection and video playback. The night was a resounding success and we're pretty sure that those students will never forget it.