We're Shooting CEOs!!!

Okay, actually the CEOs in the CEO Club Of Boston are  really nice folks. Led by Chairman Fred Greene, the Club allows CEOs to share their insights with one another in a safe and nurturing enviroment. Member Jeff Starfield, CEO of CDWorks contracted us to videotape the 10th Anniversary meeting. Our CEO Geoff Briggs videotaped the event, liked what he saw, and soon joined the Club. Productive Media now provides all of the audio and video recording services, and also provides Audio/Visual support in the form of projectors, wireless mics, knowledge, and whatever else is necessary. The CEO Club of Boston is a terrific, well-run forum for CEOs to share truly inspiring thoughts and opinions, all while learning something new.

Boston: A Great Place to Study!

Our friends at FLS Boston Commons routinely ask us to provide their exchange students with a little video reminder of their experience in Boston. Often this is a dance performance, but we're always open to help with anything else.

When FLS VP Michael LaRiccia asked us to produce a quick and informative video that showed parents of prospective students how effective and enjoyable it is to study at FLS, we jumped right in.

After a short meeting with Michael to tour the facilities and to find out what was special about FLS Boston Commons, Editor Tara Neves and Producer Geoff Briggs put together a timeline a script for a two-and-a-half to three minute long video, ran it past Michael, got a few minor changes, and then produced everything with a one-day shoot and two-day edit.

The result covers all of the points that Michael wanted to hit, without bogging down or going into information overload. Michael was very pleased and so were we!

Cry Havoc, and Let Slip Our Inner 15 Year Old!

Every year our senior digital media specialist, Seth Wereska, endeavors to do the impossible. He tries to produce a marginally professional promotional video of a charity fund raiser gala.

We know. You're thinking: "Really, that's not so hard."

And we'd agree, except this gala takes place over the course of about 14 hours and travels over 3 miles on foot . .  Oh, and it stops at 15 or so bars. 

The Hancock Street Pub Crawl was started ten years ago by a group of friends after one of their children was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. Initially it was held to raise awareness, but now it benefits Little Hearts an organization that offers community, support, advice and advocacy for children with congenital heart defects and their families. 

Seth got involved 7 years ago, first as a crawler, and now as their resident videographer. Each year we put together a video that explains what the crawl is, while commerating the event for vetern crawlers and recruiting new ones. 

Crawl videos have helped to swell the event to having over two hundred fund-raising participents.

It's a Wrap!

The Someday Melissa Post-Production TeamWe've finished up post-production on the Someday Melissa project.  We partnered with Tripp Street Soundworks for the audio sweetening, and National Boston Studios for the color correction.  We're sending them on their way with a master tape, a stack of DVDs, the full project archived on a hardrive, and our warmest wishes. We hear that the New Jersey premier was great!