Well Planned Support for "The Improvised Concerto"

Image courtsey of Michael LutchThis Sunday, Productive Media teamed up with Susie Dangel and Pix Mix Video Services to record "The Improvised Concerto" as performed by the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras and featuring composer Mark O'Connor on violin. It is Mr. O'Connor's ninth concerto.

Since 1958 the Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras have been committed to musical excellence among Americas youth. They strive to offer professional coaching, rehearsal space and instruments and have consistantly produced some of the best young musicians in the nation.

Productive Media is no less committed to providing an excellent program, so we brought back the professional crew that produced "An Evening with the Pops". We know that we can rely on our staff and our vendor-partners to produce the best quality product each and every time, and we're proud to say that it doesn't go unnoticed around Boston's Symphony Hall, where excellence has always been the expectation. We had four cameras and all of the trimmings set up in a short time, and were able to record both the dress rehearsal and performance.  The performance and rehearsal were amazing!