Holy Frisbee-shooting Robots, Batman!

 Our friend Greg Poulos of Bluefin Productions asked us to provide two PA systems for the "Beantown Blitz" robotics competition at Northeastern University's Matthews Arena. Engineer Rick Semergian effortlessly operated the LS9-32, music played, mics were loud and clear, the robots were cool, all was good!  Hockey arenas are always a bit of a challenge due to all of the reflective surfaces (mostly cement), which either add feedback or mud.  But Rick was way ahead of that challenge, and the main PA was always clear.  The  preparation "pit" area PA system was also very clear, with no interference from the mains that were only twenty feet or so away.

A view of the Beantown Blitz from the audio board.

Fun with Frisbees!  This is where the cool kids hang out.