Back into Production

A stil from our interview with Steve, Melissa's FriendNormally when we take on a post production job we focus on "editing." Specifically editng with a lower case "e". Most of the jobs that pay the bills arrive with a script and footage, or a script and we create the footage. The Someday Melissa project is a little different. This time we're "Editing." Specifically editing with a capital "E". Our first step was to totally deconstruct the existing cut of the film, and then to offer notes on issues ranging from sound signal and footage quality to the number of interviews, the style of questioning and the structure and focus of the film.

Once we were sure that we and the producing team were on the same page, we suggested a new structure and made some very rough suggestions on style. We also suggested that we reshoot the core interviews and bring them to High Defination as well as mitigating some varriation in the shooting style and sound quality.

To their credit the producers of Someday Melissa were willing to trust us and go back into production. So now were starting to roll tape (Er flip bits?) again and we are building the project from the core on up.

Seth Wereska and Geoff Briggs headed down to New Jersey to supervise the shoot and conduct the interview. We pulled in Ken Kelsch to act as our Director of Photography, and Jerry Stein to record sound.

So far we've interviewed Judy--Melissa's Mom, Emma and Steve--Both Melissa's Friends. We'll be back in New Jersey at least once more to talk to some experts and see if we can talk to Melissa's brother.