Productive Media began as a video production company in 1996, specializing in providing high quality video for the then-new medium of interactive CD-ROM.  Companies chose us because we were among the first companies in Boston to shoot, edit and compress full motion video, plus we took the time to teach our clients and other production companies how to get the best results. A few years later, we guided many of our clients as we produced put their videos and "webcasts" on the Web!

Today, we bring the same "we're all on the same team" approach to webcast and live-streaming production.  We provide the cameras, lighting, sound, backdrops, stage, projection, people, and know-how for each meeting, event, and presentation.

We've continued to stay on top of the changes in the digital media presentation and delivery world - added digital sound, HD (or better) projection and display capabilities, and developed custom live and hosted stream playback for our clients for their meetings, seminars, and product releases.


Boston's Custom Audio Visual and Video Production

We look forward to working with you!